What's Here?

The fonts presented here are either shareware or freeware and are available in versions for Windows, MacIntosh, and Linux.


The number of unicode fonts is constantly increasing, and support for Ancient Greek is included in a vast number of these fonts. They work well in all of the major web browsers and in all three of the most popular computer operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux). This has become the standard for both the internet and word processing software. Before downoading and installing new fonts, you should first switch to the Greek keyboard layout on your computer and see if the fonts you already have will allow you to type in Greek.

Unicode is now almost universally used for entering text in all of the wide variety of writing systems around the word, but it wasn't always so. Until 2005, one of the most popular applications for entering Greek text (GreekKeys, distributed by the American Philological Association) used a proprietary encoding. Many Greek texts produced before 2005 still exist in that now-nonstandard encoding. See below for help converting them to the new standard.

For a detailed discussion of how to use Unicode to display Greek text on a web page, see the discussion provided by the STOA Consortium. For some helpful recommendations for using unicode in web pages, see Penn State's computing page for Greek texts.

Utilities for Converting Text to Unicode

Shibboleth, by Logos Bible Software, is a tool for typing Unicode text in ancient scripts. It was designed to help people unfamiliar with a script easily enter the correct characters, and then copy text to the clipboard in Unicode or another format.

Sean Redmond provides an excellent utility for converting texts written in any of several legacy fonts to Unicode.

James Naughton has provided a great little web-based utility for creating unicode Greek text. It allows you to type your text using a standard western keyboard and have the text converted on the fly to unicode Greek! It will even let you specify the font you want it to use.

Rod Decker provides a utility for converting the earliest version of his Galilee font to unicode.

Free Unicode Fonts