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This page offers a list of Ancient Greek readers that you can download free of cost. You will need some basic previous exposure to Greek before being able to read even the most elementary ones, but they can provide invaluable experience in mastering the language.

I could not have compiled this list without help from several of you. Textkit and Google Books provide many of the PDF files, but E. Donnelly, Paul Nitz, and several others have pointed out links to those files making them easier to find. Thank you!

This page is a work in progress. As I find other readers that seem helpful and are available without cost, I will add them here.

Classical Period

The Hellenistic Koine

  • Rev. Edmund Fowle, First Easy Greek Reading Book, London: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1875.

    This book includes readings from John's Gospel, short tales and anectotes, and fables.

Loeb Volumes (Digital Forms of Ancient Greek Documents)